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In a time when hostility is institutionalized in human societies and the number of social abnormalities is increasing by the day, returning to the nature and animals, which are an inseparable part of the nature, has a significant effect on people’s mental health.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of awareness, misinforming people and exaggerated advertisements regarding pets, they are introduced as sources of parasites and diseases. Propagation of such wrong ideas will pave the path for a gap between people and the environment.

In this regard, Manouk Sabz Dasht Co. (MSDpet) alongside with its culture-building practices and encouraging the society to reconcile with the nature and animals, has identified the best producers of veterinary medicine, food supplements and pet accessories around the world and after obtaining the relevant permits from the Iranian Veterinary organization (IVO), Ministry of Commerce and the Standard Organization of Iran, imports and distributes them in Iran.

By using a knowledgeable and experienced staff including veterinary doctors and animal nutritionists, Manouk Sabz Dasht Co. has published guide booklets which introduces its products, how they should be used in the correct way regarding the requirements and behavior of pets and answers the questions of the end users.

This company has been active in the sales and distribution of products related to pets (dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, ornamental fish, parrots, canaries and other ornamental birds) since 2007. So far, we have obtained representation of some reliable European and Chinese companies.

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